I have always enjoyed using my camera to preserve my view of the world around me.


Sharon Schindler is a photographer from Newton, Massachusetts. She began her photography career when she received her first camera at the age of twelve. Sharon has studied business and photography at Boston University and studio photography at The Art Institute of Boston.  

Sharon has continued to explore the interplay of light, nature and the physical media of her photographs. She has incorporated the form of the finished work into her art. Sharon captures the essence of Boston and beyond with her vibrant images printed on wood or stone. These elements combine with the photo to connect the viewer into Sharon’s interpretation of the scene.

Sharon also has a passion for documenting the story of historical buildings in transition. As the old is torn down and replaced by newer buildings, the life and style of the old is preserved in Sharon’s poignant photographs. Her book on the old Newton North High School (2010) was selected by the Newton Historical Commission for inclusion in their permanent archive.

Sharon continues to document the changing world around us through her photographs of the natural world, and through her exploration of the changes in architecture that surround us.